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Preserving the Present

as a Legacy for the Future

The aim of this section of the website is to record the feelings, thoughts and experiences of the All Souls community during this extraordinary time, a time that has affected every one of us.  2020 witnessed a terrifying pandemic that was visited upon the entire world resulting in economic turmoil. At the same time, tragic events of police brutality fomented a nationwide uprising against racial injustice. All of this transpired against a backdrop of the intensifying climate crisis and a critical presidential election. 


The New York Times article, “This Year Will End Eventually. Document It While You Can,” quotes a nerdy joke that went viral on Twitter: Future historians will be asked which quarter of 2020 they specialize in.

The All Souls Archives provided an invaluable resource for our 2019 Bicentennial celebration, especially for our book All Souls at 200.  Let’s preserve a record of the remarkable events of this year so that future generations will understand what we went through and have a deep appreciation of what they have inherited.


We need your help to do it!

We invite you to document your personal experiences and activities, and send your contributions to us at  Thank you!

Please send your reflections in prose, poetry, photographs, artwork, audio and video.  This may include emails you have sent, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram posts, and journal entries you've written about the current state of the world and your life.

We will continue to curate our history website to collect our congregation’s collective experiences   Watch for announcements about Zoom gatherings to inspire and inform. Please help us to create a legacy for future generations!

Bill Bechman & Lois Coleman

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