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The Adult Forum at All Souls

by Wiley Saichek.

One of the things that attracted me to Unitarian Universalism is that the denomination allows its members to craft, define, and redefine one’s own personal belief system and practice. There is something for everyone at All Souls. For me, discovering the Adult Forum programs, led by Reverend David Robb, was life-changing, particularly over the last four years. From topics as diverse as Shakespearean classics to discussions on Bach, James Baldwin, Climate Change, Charles Darwin, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Immigration, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mindfulness, Paul Tillich, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, UU history, White Fragility and Racism, and World Religions, the Adult Forum talks are inspiring and eye-opening. Add to this the tangential programming such as the fantastic Lifelines presentations coordinated with other church groups/members (the Nuclear Disarmament Committee and the Peace and Justice Task Force come to mind) as well as the Sanghas

(spearheaded by All Souls’s Pamela Patton, along with Dr. Pilar Jennings and Maggie Mullane), the Adult Forum and its “cousins” are truly an embarrassment of riches. I became a member of All Souls in 2006, and I know my life has certainly been richer for attending, especially this last year. I am grateful to Rev. Robb, Carol Emmerling, Rev. Audette Fulbright, Rev. Tracy Sprowls, Pamela Patton, Laura Pedersen, Dr. Jennings, Mary-Ella Holst, Guy Quinlan, Maggie Mullane, and scores of other presenters over the years. Naming all would make this book-length! By discussing history, literature, music, religion, science, and the visual arts, we can learn more about the human condition and hopefully make the world a safer, more loving place.

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