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Circles of Care News

Gary Newton writes: During one of the weekly Zoom gatherings of Bill’s Soul Circle, Pamela Healey asked about the curious looking animal pictured on the t-shirt I was wearing.

It was an aardvark, an animal with which I had a close encounter in Namibia. Such encounters are very rare. I developed an interest in aardvarks. Some might call it an obsession. I published a piece on the aardvark in Air Namibia’s in-flight magazine. It was read by folks at BBC radio who, lo and behold, were producing a piece on the aardvark. They interviewed me for the piece. Aardvarks are never far from my mind.

When Pamela showed our group the fabulous animal hats she knit for her grand children — a different animal for each child beautifully and creatively done — I wondered if she’d knit me an aardvark cap. I asked her. A few weeks later, the fun, fabulous and warm (it’s lined) aardvark hat shown in the photos arrived in the mail. I was gobsmacked. It’s perfect. The little one in the purple hat is my grand daughter.

Pamela’s comment on the photo, “It takes a brave man to wear an aardvark hat in public.”

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